House Plant Tender Perennial Rooted Cuttings

House Plants

Rooted Cutting Care Instructions
On arrival the rooted cutting will be wrapped in bubble wrap for safety and moisture retention around the roots whilst traveling.

***Always be very careful when unpacking your rooted cutting as the roots are often very delicate and can sometimes be brittle***

For best results plant your young cutting into a soil less compost (perlite can be added to the compost this will aid aeration) and keep it in bright light, avoiding direct sunlight. Windowsill is ideal.
Water well when potted and check regularly.
Some house plants do prefer to be kept on the dry side so don’t over water, just moist is good in most situations.

Later on once fully established it can be planted into a loam and peat or coir based potting compost or continue with soil less compost.
To encourage bushier growth you can pinch out growing tips.
Water when required and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every four to six weeks during the main growing period. Water sparingly in winter. Don’t over water.